Nationwide and locally, we remain in an ultimate sellers’ market. If you’re a homeowner thinking about selling, you have a huge advantage in today’s housing market. Very few houses for sale paired with high buyer demand makes this the optimal time to sell for those who are ready to do so. 


Danielle Hale, Chief Economist at explains, 

“For most sellers listing sooner rather than later could really pay off with less competition from other sellers and potentially a higher sales price… They’ll also avoid some big unknowns lurking later in the year, namely another possible surge in COVID cases, rising interest rates and the potential for more sellers to enter the market.”


With average days on the market down by 10% in Montezuma county and nearly 38% in La Plata, the likelihood of a swift and painless process is high. 

Montezuma County



La Plata County



As vaccine rollouts progress and we continue to see the economy recover, experts anticipate more houses will come to the market. This will inevitably strengthen competition, further validating now as the best time to sell.


Meanwhile, the median sales price for a single family home is steadily rising in both La Plata and Montezuma counties, following our state trends. This data helps us to see that we are most likely not at the “top of the market”. The market is healthy and strong and will most likely continue on these upward trends.